Power of Buying Instagram Likes

Instagram has over a billion active users every month. Just by this alone, there is no doubt that success on the platform directly influences the success of a brand. It is no longer just an artistic photo gallery like how people used it before. It is also now one of the most powerful social media marketing tools being utilized worldwide every day, every minute, and every second.

When big businesses, celebrities, and even politicians advertised then, the population sees it on billboards and TV commercials. For the lesser known ones or localized businesses, they make use of flyers, word-of-mouth, and store concept to build brand awareness. Either way, visibility is restricted to time and location.

But not anymore.



Increased Monthly Traffic


Increased New Followers


Increased Brand Awareness

When building and establishing a personal or business brand, Instagram is one of the top outlets to use. Even with well-established entities, social presence in this platform is deemed necessary to survive a very competitive world. But of course, this does not happen overnight. It is almost impossible to get to high-tier popularity with just regularly posting creative photos and relevant content. You need the numbers. You need the boost.

So, why buy Instagram likes?

Consider it this way. When you buy IG likes, you are like buying a TV slot or a newspaper column or even a billboard space. But, less expensive, no expiry date, and visible across borders. You are paying to be visible to the global public and not just your immediate family or friends.

It’s also like you are getting viewers for your pilot episode who will organically decide whether to stick around for the entirety of the series.

This is a good approach to boost your profile and transition from paid to organic Instagram growth.

When you buy likes, all other engagement opens up naturally. If people like it, they will share. If they are really interested and click on your profile having seen your post, you will get additional following, views, profile visits, etc.

Truly, endless possibilities.

“We’ve seen that Instagram can play a role in people’s decision-making process on where to travel. Places like Rottnest Island in Western Australia and the lavender farms in Tasmania have seen significant growth in visitation, partly as a result of their ‘Instagramability'”

Nick Henderson

Global Manager of Social Media – Tourism Australia

Real Life Test

People are skeptical with the success that comes from buying Instagram followers or likes. Since no one wants to come forward to say that they did (for obvious reasons), those assumptions are understandable.

But in early 2021, HBO aired a new documentary titled Fake Famous to exactly show what happens after buying Instagram engagements.

Writer-Director Nick Bilton purchased Instagram likes and followers for three accounts including one for actress Dominique Druckman.

The numbers dwindled after few days but bought more likes and followers so the engagement rate does not go down and the platform won’t tag the account.

The Aftermath

The accounts started with less than 2,500 followers and in the end has tens of thousands. Now, Druckman’s account has passed 330k followers and is still growing.

Apart from the eventual organic growth of the numbers, the accounts they set up is now getting brand partnerships and freebies like gym memberships and jewelries.

But of course – and an important thing to remember – they also did their part. They posted creative content that are relatable and inspirational.

And so should you.
Tried and tested.