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What is InstaRush?

InstaRush compares prices and services offered by Instagram growth providers including the purchase of followers, likes, video views, and even the most sought after of all brands and influencers: the Instagram Verification Badge.


How does Instagram automatic likes or views work?

The automatic services offered can be for a total number of posts or time-driven (daily, weekly, monthly). The system will automatically detect your new posts and start delivering the likes or views right after.

Some people prefer having this option so they do not have to make multiple purchases during the month to keep the growth and engagement consistent.


How do the providers guarantee their services?

Instagram service providers have 2 ways to guarantee their services: refill and/or refund. Each provider has a different policy on these so make sure you read their Terms of Service before purchasing to make sure both parties are on the same page.


What is the Instagram Influencer service?

These are services that are being offered by real Instagram influencers. With their big and solid following, a purchased Power Shoutout or Power Likes from one of these accounts will definitely boost your profile and expose your own brand to their network. With these services, you will become an Instagram Influencer faster yourself!

Can I buy the Instagram Verification Badge?

The Instagram Verification Badge is the best social proof of your credibility, popularity, and influence. Only the platform can award this blue checkmark icon but there’s a way around it. Check out the offers and see what it means when you purchase one.




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