Answers to Questions You Might Have

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is InstaRush?

InstaRush compares prices and services offered by Instagram growth providers including the purchase of followers, likes, video views, and even the most sought-after of all brands and influencers: the Instagram Verification Badge.

2. How do you choose the providers listed in the offers?

We may not be selling the actual service but we made it our mission to only give exposure to reliable and worthy Instagram service providers. Some of the gates we use to ensure this is to check whether a company is using secured payment options and has verified positive reviews.

3. Why pay for Instagram followers, likes, video views, etc.?

In a social setting, people tend to have more interest and are keener to interact with popular people. The same thing goes, virtually. Whether you are after more activity in your personal account or a brand/influencer trying to make it big in the social media stage, having good numbers on your profile is what will land you in the explore feed on Instagram. Now, that is social proof. 

As a brand, continuous exposure to potential fans and customers is what your online presence is about. Buying Instagram followers and likes will boost your account faster to being organically discovered and patronized on a wider scale.

4. How do the providers guarantee their services?

Instagram service providers have 2 ways to guarantee their services: refill and/or refund. Each provider has a different policy on these so make sure you read their Terms of Service before purchasing to make sure both parties are on the same page.

5. How can I make it less obvious that I bought followers and likes?

Ways to make it less obvious depends on how big your following and engagement are. If you have 3,000 followers and your account has been active for months, Instagram will flag your account if you manage to accumulate 2,000 followers overnight. It is important that you study your analytics and slowly grow your profile in a staggered manner.  The drip-feed services some providers have is a good option for you to take.

If you prefer a provider that does not have this option though, another way is to buy small packages over a period of time. Basically, you are manually “drip-feeding” your account. People will see the increasing popularity of your account and will start the snowball effect of organically attracting people.

6. How does automatic likes or views work?

The automatic services offered can be for a total number of posts or time-driven (daily, weekly, monthly). The system will automatically detect your new posts and start delivering the likes or views right after.

Some people prefer having this option so they do not have to make multiple purchases during the month to keep the growth and engagement consistent.

7. How can I buy Instagram Likes, Followers, Comments, Accounts, and other engagement types for cheap?

Our comprehensive price tables are automatically sorted from the lowest price. If you are however not happy with the cheapest merchant, you may check out the Instagram growth service coupons we consolidated to slash off more bucks from the price of your preferred shop.

8. How to avoid losing followers?

Whether you bought the followers or not, the only way to avoid losing them is to keep your profile interesting. Make sure you keep your feed consistent, relevant, well-curated, and interactive. People will unfollow for many different reasons so you have to keep them interested with your feed. You can also ask random questions or polls. Not only will that make you connected with your following, it’s a good way to evaluate if your followers are still interested with your content.

9. What do I need to know before buying Instagram followers, likes, etc.

It is important to note that after the guarantee period providers have, it is your duty to keep these people interested in your profile. Real people will unfollow an account if they think it is not interesting or relevant… same way as you would. 

Another one is to remember that people look at engagements. It is not enough to have 1M Instagram followers if your posts only have 100 likes. It will make you look inauthentic and not credible. Try any of the packages that have followers, likes, and views so your engagement rate goes up with the number of followers.

10. Can I buy Instagram likes, followers, comments, and other engagement types with PayPal?

Yes! We know how important PayPal checkout is for most of our visitors. So, we added the PayPal icon in the price tables so you can check which merchants accept it. This information is regularly updated so you can make an informed decision all the time.

11. What is an Instagram Verification Badge and how do providers deliver this service?

The ultimate social proof of your presence and legitimacy in the Instagram world is that blue checkmark beside your Instagram handle. This most coveted badge means you are popular and so notable that Instagram had to distinguish the official account from the similar, often fanbase, ones.

Although only Instagram has the authority to award this badge, what the providers are offering is the best chance of getting through the cut-throat verification process of the platform. They will provide you with PR materials online and get you connected with different marketing agencies to “prove” your high-status profile. 

12. What is the Instagram Influencer service?

These are services that are being offered by Instagram influencers. With their big and solid following, a purchased shoutout or mention from one of these accounts will definitely boost your profile and expose your own brand to their network. 

13. Do you have a reseller program? affiliate program?

No. Since we only compare prices of different Instagram Growth merchants, all purchases and transaction are done on the merchant’s website. 

14. Where can I get coupon codes to buy Instagram Likes, Views, etc.?

Here in InstaRush, we aim to give you the best deal possible when you buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc. That’s why apart from giving you the lowest price there is, we have also collected coupon codes to make the prices even better!




Our comparative tables include the most important details you need when buying instagram growth services: engagement type, prices, quantity, and inclusions if any. That means no unnecessary information which will make deciding more confusing.


Our goal is to help connect brands and aspiring Instagram Influencers to reliable Instagram growth service providers to buy Instagram comments, likes, followers and other engagement type that best suit the budget. No need to make an account or answer a survey just to compare offers.


Although our main function is to be an avenue for comparing prices to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc, it is not only what we can offer. We also publish merchant-based coupons to slash an extra buck off the price. PLUS random free Instagram engagements from our wheel!