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Your high-quality, long-form videos do not have to stay on YouTube. IGTV makes it possible for your full-video content reach your Instagram followers without having to switch apps.

Consistency with branding and active social presence across different social media platforms go a long way. Buy IGTV Views, Likes, and Comments and become an Instagram Influencer in no time!

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Buy IGTV Views

Buy IGTV Views

Compare the best price to buy IGTV views. A high view count always entices more organic engagement for your Instagram account.

Buy IGTV Likes

Buy IGTV Likes

Compare the best price to buy IGTV likes. The more engagement you have on your posts, the more Instagram promotes your content.

Buy IGTV Comments

Buy IGTV Comments

Compare the best price to buy IGTV comments. Engage people who are already watching to boost your content more.

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What is InstaRush?

InstaRush compares prices and services offered by Instagram growth providers including the purchase of followers, likes, video views, and even the most sought after of all brands and influencers: the Instagram Verification Badge.


How do the providers guarantee their services?

Instagram service providers have 2 ways to guarantee their services: refill and/or refund. Each provider has a different policy on these so make sure you read their Terms of Service before purchasing to make sure both parties are on the same page.


Can I buy Instagram TV services with PayPal?

Yes! We know how important PayPal checkout is for most of our visitors. So, we added the PayPal icon in the price tables so you can check which merchants accept it.

How can I buy Instagram TV services for cheap?

Our comprehensive price tables are automatically sorted from the lowest price. If you are however not happy with the cheapest merchant, you may check out the Instagram growth service coupons we consolidated to slash off more bucks from the price of your preferred shop.

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i love the trubomedia and it helps a lot

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i love the trubomedia and it helps a lot

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Our comparative tables include the most important details you need when buying instagram growth services: engagement type, prices, quantity, and inclusions if any. That means no unnecessary information which will make deciding more confusing.


Our goal is to help connect brands and aspiring Instagram Influencers to reliable Instagram growth service providers to buy Instagram comments, likes, followers and other engagement type that best suit the budget. No need to make an account or answer a survey just to compare offers.


Although our main function is to be an avenue for comparing prices to buy Instagram followers, likes, comments, etc, it is not only what we can offer. We also publish merchant-based coupons to slash an extra buck off the price. PLUS random free Instagram engagements from our wheel!